2022-01 The Wonder of Awareness

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Thank you for joining us for the “Wonder of Awareness retreat.

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You may access the session recordings by clicking the below.

NOTE:  Yoga videos for this retreat will be available soon.

Opening Talk and Meditation – 1/3/21 – Lama Liz and Lama Willa

Go beneath the waves of anxiety, and swim in the stillness of your inner peace. And experience all of life with stillness in motion.

  • Maitripa

Don’t search for isolation in a mountain retreat. The mountain of your body is the best sanctuary.

Sunrise Meditation – 1/4/22 at 7 a.m. – Lama Willa

  • Pali Refuge Prayer

Buddham saranam gacchami.
Dhammam saranam gacchami.
Sangham saranam gacchami.


I take refuge in the Buddha.
I take refuge in the Dharma.
I take refuge in the Sangha.

Dharma Talk on Awareness – 1/4/22 at 10 a.m. – Lama Liz and Lama Willa

  • Socrates

Wisdom begins in wonder.

 Flexible Session – 1/4/22 at 7 p.m. – Lama Liz

    • Tilopa, “The Six Nails”

Don’t recall

Don’t imagine

Don’t think (fixate/cogitate)

Don’t examine

Don’t control


 Dharma Talk – 1/5/22/ at 10 a.m. – Lama Willa

  • Dzogchen view of Rigpa

Perceiver and perceived have never been separate

All things are primordially free.

The body is primordially wakeful.

Your feelings are primordially free.

Your mind is primordially free.

Guided Meditation – 1/5/22 at 11 a.m. – Lama Willa

Dharma Talk – 1/8/22 at 10 a.m. – Lama Liz

  • Venerable Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche

Let yourself be the emotion, go through it, give in to it, experience it. You begin to go toward the emotion, rather than just experiencing the emotion coming toward you. A relationship, a dance, begins to develop. Then the most powerful energies become absolutely workable rather than taking you over because there is nothing to take over if you are not putting up any resistance. Whenever there is no resistance, a sense of rhythm occurs. The music and the dance take place at the same time.

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