NDF Takes a Big Step to Protect the Present and Flourish in the Future

NDF Takes a Big Step to Protect the Present and Flourish in the Future

With deep gratitude to those who have stepped up with funding already, and with realistic enthusiasm for the momentous task ahead, we share the news that Natural Dharma Fellowship (NDF) is in the process of purchasing Wonderwell’s neighbor, known as Faraway Farm, and the beautiful surrounding land. Acquiring this 173-acre homestead will help protect Wonderwell in perpetuity from encroaching development and will allow us to envision new ways for NDF to expand and strengthen our sharing of the dharma.

As you walk to the left from Wonderwell, the adjacent, vibrant open field and quaint, yet sprawling, yellow farmhouse, are part of a property that encompasses low wetlands and extended wooded and cleared areas along both sides of Philbrick Hill Road. Our goal in adding this expanse to our mountain refuge is to conserve the natural environment both on Wonderwell’s and Faraway Farm’s land and to respect and contribute to our surrounding community.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime and incredibly fortuitous opportunity for NDF. The swift action and trusting commitment of longtime, beloved Sangha members made this first step possible within a very short, urgent timeframe, simply through word of mouth. We received some magnificently generous gifts but the majority of timely support for the purchase came in the form of loans. You will soon hear details about our capital campaigns crafted to repay these “on-the-spot” bodhisattvas, who made this purchase possible, and to repair and renovate Wonderwell’s beloved, spacious porch.

Please start to imagine how you can assist us in our joyful endeavor to protect our Dharma vessel and prepare for its future flourishing! Stay tuned for more specifics and ideas regarding ways for you to contribute.

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