Suspension of retreats and meditations at Wonderwell Mountain Refuge through the end of December 2020

Suspension of retreats and meditations at Wonderwell Mountain Refuge through the end of December 2020

Dear Ones,

We have been following the global and local spread of COVID-19 and the public health recommendations that are emerging about how to best respond. All this while holding deeply our intention to benefit others.

Given these recommendations, especially the ones on slowing the spread of the virus while protecting self and other, we have decided to temporarily honor social distancing as a practice and suspend in-person group retreats and meditations at Wonderwell Mountain Refuge until August 2020. Rest assured that we will continue to monitor what is happening and will communicate with you via email and notices on our website (In the News section at the bottom of the home page.)

This is a difficult time for everyone and our hearts go out to those seriously impacted. May we all take this precious opportunity to practice compassion and remember our interconnectedness. What we cannot do with our hands and arms let us do with our heart-minds.  

Natural Dharma Fellowship will be issuing full refunds. If you were registered for a retreat during this time period you will be getting a refund over the next few weeks. However, as you might imagine, these kinds of cancellations have a severe impact on small retreat centers like Wonderwell. If you would like to convert all or some of your refund into a donation to help us carry out our mission of spreading the dharma, we would be very grateful. However, please know that this is not expected and is entirely up to you.

Please care for yourselves and for others, follow the recommendations of the CDC and WHO, and join us in our wish for a speedy end to this crisis. Let us also be grateful for those who are serving at the front lines, risking their health to care for others.

Thank you for embodying compassion for yourself and all beings!

The NDF Response Team at Wonderwell Mountain Refuge

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