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2022-02 Wakeful Body – Tuesday Sessions

MARCH – Full Sessions MARCH – Meditations APRIL – Full Sessions APRIL – Meditations MAY – Full Sessions MAY – Meditations JUNE – Full Sessions JUNE – Meditations

2021-02_Wakeful Body :: Week Two – Relaxing

Feb. 10_Relaxing_Guidance on Meditation Posture, Earth Body Shamatha Seated Meditation, Standing Practice (audio)   Feb. 10_Relaxing_Teaching and Meditation (audio)   Feb. 10_Relaxing_Teaching and Meditation (video)  

2021-02_Wakeful Body :: Week One – Grounding

Feb 03_Grounding: Teaching and Meditation 1 (audio)   Feb 03_Grounding: Seated Meditation and Standing Practice (extracted from teaching & meditation)   Feb 03_Grounding: Teaching and Meditation (video)  

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