EcoSattvas in the Anthropocene

What does it mean to be human in these times, when the world of which we are part – sky, wind, air, rivers, oceans, soil, rains, trees, plants, and animals – seems to be asking us to remember? When our bodies are asking as well?  

How do we listen deeply, and find our way from here? How might the dharma and the living world serve as teachers and guides?

If you’re asking these questions, if you have sensed this call, if your heart and mind know the growing destabilization of our social and planetary worlds, and you’re seeking a way in and for these times, you are not alone.

As a community that supports the cultivation of contemplative and ethical practices within our earthly mandala, Natural Dharma Fellowship has a strong commitment to expanding ecological consciousness within our sangha and beyond.

EcoDharma Partnership

Both the Natural Dharma Fellowship and the Council on the Uncertain Human Future are committed to nurturing a space of listening and coming present to and within our human and more than the human world.

The collaboration between NDF and CUHF was seeded by Lama Willa’s participation in the original Council on the Uncertain Human Future, launched in 2014. Since then, she, Lama Liz and many others have contributed to and nourished its growth.

The first EcoSattva Council was launched by CUHF and NDF at Wonderwell Mountain Refuge in 2017, with five such circles having taken place to date. Held within an intentional space, EcoSattva Council members enter a deep collective reflection upon the interdependent planetary questions of our time. This space becomes a portal for the wisdom that may arise between participants. 

Our collaborations have now grown to include the annual Green Dharma Retreat, launched in 2019, and the Rewilding the Soul series, which began in 2023. Learn more about all of these practices below.

EcoDharma at Natural Dharma Fellowship

Rewilding the Soul

“It’s simple,” they say, “and you too have come into the world to do this, to go easy, to be filled with light, and to shine.”

… When I Am Among the Trees ~ M. Oliver

Natural Dharma Fellowship and the Council on the Uncertain Human Future presents an annual interactive series of gatherings in which we explore the deepest promise of our practice.

In this year-long, interactive series of monthly gatherings, participants are offered teachings and are invited into meditation in wild spaces and Council practice.

Rewilding the Soul is inner work that helps us attune to the wisdom and love that are always flowing around and through us, the non-conceptual voices of the natural world that seek to draw us home to our deepest being, our core of deep compassion, kindness, and availability to extend ourselves to each other and the wider world. 

Together, we deepen wakeful awareness as we foster intimacy with the natural world and compassionate community, an ecosattva path alive to possibilities emerging from deep presence.

Through monthly Home Council Circles, we connect, build relationships, and continue dialogue with a consistent group every month. The Council is an intentional practice of listening and speaking from the heart that builds community and trust and provides a context for collective wisdom to emerge.

Circles are led by trained conveners and based on questions raised in the Council on the Uncertain Human Future, yet developed and emerging specifically for this series.

Lama Willa, Lama Liz, and the EcoDharma team invite friends and members of Natural Dharma Fellowship to join future Council gatherings to nurture collective awareness of our planetary interdependence, and possibilities from here.

Current & Past Events

Meet Our EcoDharma Team

Willa Blythe Baker
Founding Teacher; Spiritual Co-Director of Natural Dharma Fellowship; member of the CUHF National Council

“The self doesn’t exist separately—
there is inextricable communication with everything. Through respectful deep listening, as we do in Council, wisdom arises from the circle.”

Sarah Buie
Founding Convener of the Council on the Uncertain Human Future; member of NDF’s Board of Directors

“In the circle, in our slowing and listening, we become permeable, mycelial, woven with each other within the emergent living process of which we’re part.”

Liz Monson
Managing Teacher; Spiritual Co-Director of Natural Dharma Fellowship; member–CUHF Core Team.

“If we see with the eyes of the heart, we know that interconnected, interwoven way of being, and can live in loving kindness to the self and all beings.”

Barbara Waldorf
Co-Managing Director of Natural Dharma Fellowship; Steady Council Anchor–CUHF EcoSattva Council.

“The council process creates a space of sanity. Where we come together in collective wisdom; finding the conviction to go forth and do whatever we are called to do.”

Hildur Palsdottir
Coordinator-EcoDharma Programming; Dharma Dialogues Interviewer; Convener for Rewilding Councils

“We live in unprecedented times; human activities have altered the climate and disrupted ecosystems, threatening life on Earth as we know it.”