Dharma Meetings With Teachers

A dharma meeting is an opportunity to reflect one-on-one on your meditation practice with an experienced teacher. Dharma meetings are offered at Wonderwell Mountain Refuge in New Hampshire and online through Zoom (or on the phone). These meeting slots are intended primarily for people who are already studying with the core teachers of Natural Dharma Fellowship, as a way to get supplemental guidance on their practice. They are not intended as a way to meet teachers. To meet and establish a relationship with the guiding presences of NDF, it is recommended that you attend a dharma teaching or retreat.

You can sign up online using the links below. Online meetings take place on Zoom. On the day of your meeting, a link to the Zoom meeting will arrive in your inbox. Dharma meetings are also offered at Open Practice Weekends and during the monthlong practice periods in January and July.

Slots fill up fast…please take advantage of what is available.

Cancellation Procedure

Cancellations are possible up to 24 hours in advance of the appointment. After that time, a cancellation cannot be made. To cancel an appointment, click the “view appointment details” link in your confirmation email.