NDF Covid Policy

Wonderwell is Open for In-Person Retreats

Natural Dharma Fellowship (NDF) is committed to keeping our visitors and staff as safe as possible during the unfolding COVID pandemic.
Your Cooperation is Greatly Appreciated

We are following CDC, federal, and state protocols and mandates, and monitoring the overall public health situation.  We are keeping an eye on adjustments that can or must be made prior to in-person retreats. Please return to this page to see future updates (see NDF Covid Health and Safety Requirements section) as our requirements evolve. 

NDF’s Board of Directors has created a COVID Task Force composed of clinicians and public health professionals from our Sangha and charged them with making policy recommendations based on evolving CDC, federal, and state protocols and mandates. We will continue to monitor:

  • public health conditions, (including case counts, hospitalizations, and other conditions)
  • federal, state, local directives
  • CDC and local public health guidelines closely and will adjust this policy as circumstances warrant to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.
NDF COVID-19 Health and Safety Requirements

Because coronavirus (COVID-19) and its variants can spread quickly and cause widespread illness and death, NDF has established requirements for vaccination, testing, face coverings, and occupancy levels, to protect staff and Sangha from potential exposure to this disease. 

In order to provide a safe and comfortable retreat environment, and to protect NDF Sangha and staff from potential exposure to COVID-19, the following risk mitigation measures will apply during in-person retreats:

Incorporate best practices for COVID-19 mitigation in your lifestyle and travel, at least during the 10 days before you visit Wonderwell. Use prevention strategies when traveling.

If you have close contact with someone who is positive for Covid-19 or you test positive please follow the CDC guidelines here. This page also includes a handy COVID-19 quarantine and isolation calculator that can help you make your travel decision.

Please continue to monitor for symptoms for 10 days after the exposure and communicate with us if you have any questions.

All onsite retreatants must be fully vaccinated and will need to present proof of vaccination at check-in. We cannot admit you to Wonderwell without this proof.  

Per CDC guidance, people are considered fully vaccinated 2 weeks after their second dose in a 2-dose series, such as the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines, or 2 weeks after a single-dose vaccine, such as Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen vaccine.

In addition, NDF defines “fully vaccinated” as 2 weeks after having received an eligible booster shot. We will accept your original Covid card or a photo as proof of vaccination.

If you have not yet been vaccinated with the bivalent COVID booster, we also strongly recommend that you consider receiving that booster at least two weeks before your stay at Wonderwell. The bivalent booster, which became widely available in September 2022, specifically targets COVID variants and appears to reduce the risk of severe COVID-related illness. 

Multi-day Events

A negative COVID-19 test result is required before admittance to the retreat for anyone attending a multi-day retreat. Please test 24 hours prior to your expected arrival at Wonderwell, using either a PCR test or a rapid (at-home) test kit.

Please bring a rapid test kit with you to Wonderwell. We will have a limited number of test kits available for during-retreat testing.

One-Day Events

For events such as Dharma Sunday, Thursday Meditation, or other one-day events where folks will not be sleeping over,  we will not ask for a test to be done 24 hours prior to arrival. 

We are continuing to monitor this ever-changing situation and will adjust our mask policy accordingly.

For the time being, we require that all retreatants and staff wear masks, preferably KN95, indoors during all programs. Masks must be worn in all public areas of the building, including the meditation hall.

Masks must be worn in all public areas of the building, including the meditation hall. Exceptions:

    • When retreatants are in their own rooms
    • When actively eating or drinking.
    • The teacher can be unmasked while on the teacher’s seat, as long as she can maintain a physical distance of at least six feet from retreatants.

During the week before traveling to Wonderwell 

We encourage you to consider taking extra precautions to reduce your risk of becoming infected with COVID or transmitting it to others. These precautions include wearing masks in indoor spaces outside your home, maintaining social distancing among persons you don’t live with, and avoiding crowds and poorly ventilated spaces.

Please reschedule your visit if, within the 14 days prior to your visit:

  • You are ill, experiencing symptoms typical of COVID-19, and/or test positive for COVID-19
  • You have had a known exposure to COVID-19
  • You have traveled to a COVID-19 hotspot or traveled internationally.

Please, if you don’t feel well in the days before retreat, DO NOT come to Wonderwell. We will help make arrangements for you to attend online, whenever possible. 

In case of known exposure or travel

Please continue to monitor for symptoms for 14 days after the exposure and communicate with us if you have any questions.   

We will not require that you reschedule after exposure or travel if you have tested negative on a PCR test taken 3 full days after exposure or return from travel, so long as you are not symptomatic.

The 40-person maximum capacity for residential retreats at Wonderwell allows for adequate spacing in the meditation hall and dining areas.

We currently are booking Single (private) and Double (shared) rooms only. Dorm rooms are out of service at this time. This is to reduce extended close exposure to unrelated individuals.

Double rooms (shared) are randomly assigned, so please be aware that if you sign up for a double room without designating a roommate, you will be sharing with someone you do not know. If you are not willing to make that agreement, please do not register for a shared room.  Note:  Men and women who don’t know each other will never be assigned to the same room.

Retreatants may always register for a shared double room with someone whom they know, as long as space is available. You may also want to consider registering for the commuter option instead. 

Retreatants may serve themselves from the buffet line, which
is behind a plexiglass sneeze guard. Masks must be worn during self-service of meals. 

High-quality air purifiers are being in use in the meditation hall and dining areas.

Please bring your own pillow if possible.

If you have questions about our Covid-related information, please email info@naturaldharma.org.

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